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Apexfine enhances the architecture of each environment, it ensures complete transparency guaranteeing high levels of acoustic performance.

Bronze's natural oxidation, allows fascinating optical effects. It protects against the most extreme climate conditions, remaining intact.

Wood Aluminum offers colors and shape customization. Maximizing aesthetic impact combined with easy upkeep.  

The highest quality  of dried laminated wood is used to create the window. It guarantees excellent noise and thermal insulation.

Witri’A is the first and only zero impact sliding system made out of wood. Frame completely hidden within the wall, threshold fully integrated in the finished floor only 30mm central interlock.

The wood aluminum minimal system is elegantly slim 
and modern, similar to a typical steel window. However, when compared to the steel windows, it is more versatile and cost effective. The wood aluminum minimal system was designed to maximize your view, regardless of whether the operable or fixed windows are used